Meet the major JP Licensing partners.

Rede Protege

Founded at the beginning of personal computing in 1987 by former IBM engineers, we are a 100% Brazilian company, with its own headquarters and trained professionals in the segment of the company. After 30 years since its foundation, it has joined efforts to put the products in the market with the fundamental objective of offering the best for our customers. At the end of the century, it began the development of several platforms for electronic transactions of data communication.

Since 2003 we have been consolidated as a valuable service provider within the value chain of capture and acquiring transactions. Nowadays, after all these years, all our efforts are concentrated on the platform we built, called PROTEGIDA®.

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Maxicard is a small electronics industry focused on assembling electronic equipment and POS accessories (credit card machines).

In order to carry out this work, we have researched worldwide, complementary accessories to Brazilian POS manufacturers.

We also provide the specialized workforce for our partners in order to guarantee the operation of their platforms, systems or subsystems specialized in the MEANS OF PAYMENTS segment.

In addition we rent POS equipment from several manufacturers, such as: INGENICO, CASTLES, NURIT, and DIONICA. To fulfill the task of "loading" the transactions to the national providers.

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